Get Performance and Versatility with Omega Juicers

Omega is famous for their 8000 series. The 8003/8005 and 8004/8006 juicers have become and industry standard. That’s why we were excited when they recently introduced the VRT series, starting with the Omega VRT-330. Omega later added a harder GE Ultem auger and came out with the VRT-330HD and VRT-350 (a.k.a. VRT-350HD).

In addition to juicing leafy greens and hard foods like the 8000s, the VRTs also do an excellent job on soft food. This has always been an issue with good wheatgrass juicers – they’ve never been good at juicing soft foods, especially citrus.

The Omega VRT series offer the best of both worlds. They juice faster than traditional auger juicers but they do not introduce bubbles and froth like centrifugal juicers. Add to that Omega’s 10 year warranty and it’s no wonder that they quickly became one of our best selling juicers.


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